Flame Hook Earrings - All colors

Item Description

*Available to ship as of 2/19/21* - Everything except Aqua. Aqua will be restocked in April.

The layers of these simple earrings hang freely from the hook, allowing them to dance like flames with the movement of the wearer.  The soft, sanded finish of the silver brings out the bold solid color of the enamel, and a bright burnished edge allows these earrings to sparkle with every movement.

I love the effect of enamel on copper.  Bold colors show up bright and true, and the dark edge that forms in the firing process outlines the color and defines the edge. The hanging shapes are made out of thin metal that is strengthened by the curve of the form; this makes them very light and comfortable to wear.  


Each earring measures 1 ½ inch (3.8 cm) long, and 5/8 inches (1.7 cm) wide.  

The hooks are made out of 20-gauge sterling silver wire that has been hand formed.   Rubber earring backs are available by request.

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