Flame 3 Piece Enameled Necklace - All Colors

Item Description

The pendant on these necklaces are made up of three layered shapes, the top of which is enameled and the back is brushed sterling silver. The layers of each pendant hang from a single point, which allows them to move with the wearer and fall in a natural cluster. The soft, sanded finish of the silver brings out the bold colors of the enamel, and a bright burnished edge allows each piece to sparkle with every movement.

The top layer of each piece is copper enameled with a rich bold color that fades to a lighter color on the lower edge. When the enamel is fired on copper it creates a dark edge that increases the impact of the color against the silver background.

The pendant cluster hangs from a 16 inch (41 cm) flexible neck ring that is securely fastened with a tension clasp. The three pieces are separated with Sterling silver tube beads so that the pieces overlap only slightly. 

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16 inch and 18 inch Neck wires available.