Chroma Full Necklace - All Colors

Item Description

This necklace was inspired by my love of the gradient color samples from the hardware store paint section. Each one is made up of 19 small squares of color connected in a color order that fades from dark to light and back. The elements are connected using sturdy wire-wraps, and are placed so they are dense in the front and more seperated as they get closer to the clasp. This gives the front of the necklace more weight, so it will not shift as it is worn. 

Each piece of this necklace Sterling silver with glass enamel fired into the center to add a bright pop of color. The silver is finished with a soft brushed texture, and the top edges are burnished to a high shine so the necklace sparkles with every movement. The adjustable toggle clasp is designed to reflect the shapes of the necklace, and can be worn at two lengths.


Each piece is 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) square. The necklace is 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) at its full length. The shorter clasp is at 16 inches (41 cm). Longer or shorter lengths can be made as a special order.

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