Chroma 3 Piece fade Necklace - All Colors

Item Description

This delicate necklace has three colorful pendants hanging from an embellished Sterling silver chain. Each of the pendants is a simple, cushion shaped, Sterling silver frame, filled with brilliant glass enamel. In each color combination, the colors fade from dark at the center, to light on both sides. The chain is finished with a standard lobster clasp, and can be worn at different lengths.


Each pendant is 3/4 inches (2cm) long and 3/8 inches (1cm) wide. they are each seperated by 1 inch (2.5cm) of fine chain. The full chain measures 18" (46  cm) With a jump ring at 16" (41 cm), so it can be worn at 2 different lengths. Longer (or shorter) length chains can be requested in the options above.

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standard chain length is 18 inches, but longer and shorter chains are available.

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