Reversible - Sula Small Sail Pendant - Choose your colors

Item Description

*This pendant is made to order. I will not be in my studio to make these until early April 2023.*

Sterling Silver Pendant and chain, with glass enamel fired into indents I have created on both sides of each piece. The silver around the enamel is finished with a matte sheen, and bright burnished edges. This necklace is reversible, so please pick your two favorite color combinations!

The pendant measures 1.25’” (3.125 cm) across, and is 1.25’” (3.125 cm) high. 

Chain Length - 18" (46  cm) With a jump righ at 16" (41 cm), so the chain can be worn at 2 different lengths. Longer (or shorter) length chains can be requested in the options above.

Since there are so many color options, these pieces are all made to order. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. If you need one of these pieces more quickly, please contact me to find out what color combinations I have in stock.



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standard chain length is 18 inches, but longer and shorter chains are available.