Butterfly Fabric Face Mask

Item Description

Adult size, fabric face mask. The front fabric is a high thread count vintage bedsheet, so I'm not completely sure what the fiber is, the lining and the tie are both 100% cotton. The lining is split, so you can add another layer of filtration. (Coffee filters, or paper towels, will work well) Every mask will have a metal nose bridge strip sewn into the top edge, to make the mask more comfortable to wear. This fabric is has a butterfly pattern in warm neutrals on a cream background. The lining fabric is cream, and the T-shirt yarn tie will be white.

The mask slides on the T-shirt yarn, so the tie is very adjustable. The loop can go around your neck, or be cut so it will tie on both the top and bottom.

All masks are machine washable, and can by dried on low.

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